Nestled oceanside in beautiful Tela Bay, Honduras


Indura Beach & Golf Resort Honduras vacation Activities.

For nature lovers and eco-adventurers, Honduras’s northern coast offers dozens of must-see attractions, including Jeannette Kawas National Park, one of the country’s largest protected areas. Its tropical rainforest is home to howler monkeys, panthers and hundreds of species of birds. Kayaking in the mangroves, horseback riding on the beach and snorkeling are favorite activities.

Lancetilla Botanical Garden

The second largest botanical garden in the world and the largest in the Americas, Lancetilla Botanical Garden encompasses a natural preserve and includes well established and rare species of plants and flowers.

Punta Izopo National Park

With some of the world’s most ancient mangrove forests, a guided kayak tour is the best way to see nearby Punta Izopo National Park, where two rivers flow into an area creating a small coastal lagoon with canals surrounded by thick mangroves. Rich with wildlife and flora you are sure to encounter monkeys, crocodiles and colorful birds.

Capiro Bank Coral Reef

The newly discovered Capiro Bank Coral Reef is a rare find featuring Elkhorn coral and an endangered species of sea urchin, making it an especially unique place to snorkel.

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